Yeah, but what about the ThunderCats?

In chapter four of Rapture Ready! I discuss the wide variety of Bible translations available to the modern reader, and explain how they came to be.

What it did not occur to me to do, however, was figure out which translation would be which 1980s G.I. Joe character. For that, fortunately, there is the hilarious blog, Stuff Christians Like.


Thanks so much for giving my site, Stuff Christians Like, a mention. I need to check out your book. It looks like something I’d really like and I’m starting to see it pop up in a bunch of places. I’m going through the whole publishing thing right now so if you have any sage like words of wisdom, please let me know.
Thanks again for the mention

Hey, Daniel! I just finished reading your book and want to thank you for writing such a funny, fair look at the Christian fishbowl. I appreciate that rather than writing about how warped it can be, you just held up a mirror and let us see ourselves.

Gotta chime in on this Bible translation. One of my biggest peeves. When I got to that chapter, I had to blog about it.

Anyway, you did a great job and I’m glad you met more normal people and not as many crazy lunatics as you expected!

All the best,

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